Achieving a transformed interior space you can be happy and proud to live in

Styling your home

Decorating and styling your home is all about layers and materials. It’s blending the right mix and balance of scale, colour, shape and texture.

I often refer to the likes of cooking and fashion and how similar the comparisons are. The importance of herbs and spices to give seasoning and flavour to an otherwise simple or bland ingredient and how a stellar pair of heels and contrasting clutch can make all the difference to a memorable dress. It’s all relevant.

When it comes to the Interior of your home, it’s no different. A beautiful and stylish sofa can also look more inviting and interesting with a mix of colourful, textural and patterned cushions. In addition to that, add a throw and drape it over the side arm in contrast to the cushions. To centre and ground the sofa, make sure to select a coffee table, side table or foot stool and place it in close proximity. Oh, and don’t forget a textural or patterned floor rug under foot, this will tie the room together and give visual warmth.

Scale is relevant to the overall space planning and furniture within. Ensure you have a  mixture of sizes in furniture and accessory objects. Too many items one way or the other, could feel a little over or underwhelming.

Colour is important but not everyone’s cup of tea. Select one hero colour for either your walls, art, sofa, cushions or floor rug and let any additional colour’s be secondary and complimentary.

Shape is noticeable when everything is the same. Remember to include a few soft curves to an otherwise square or angular interior space. This can be achieved with furniture, occasional tables, mirrors, floor rugs and decorative accessories.

A good mix of Textures within an interior is what gives us the feel and vibe of the living space. A natural hide, soft velvets, knitted wool blends or casual cottons can all set the scene of luxury or relaxation. This is also the case and even more important when it comes to decisions about flooring materials. Tiles, timber, concrete or carpet all generate a certain look and create the base of the colour pallet.

TIP: Start from the floor and work your way up. This is always a good starting point as the flooring material will help you select complimentary colours, materials and textures.